Averant Announces Release of Solidify 5.1.0

Averant's Solidify Sets New Standard in Verification of Digital Designs with Sequential Equivalency Checking and Automatic Testbench Synthesis

Hayward, Calif. - April 20, 2009 - Averant Inc., a leading provider of advanced verification technologies for digital designs, today announces the release of Solidify 5.1, which delivers new sequential equivalency checking (SEC) and automatic testbench synthesis. Averant is the First In Formal leader in property verification of RTL designs for digital integrated circuits.

Major improvements in Solidify 5.1 include:

  • SEC. Once a design's functional goals are achieved, engineers use sequential optimization technique to improve power and performance. These optimizations often rely on making complex assumptions about the operating environment for portions of the design. These assumptions and changes cannot be verified using current equivalency checking tools. While property verification has been used in the past for verifying these assumptions, Solidify 5.1 offers a much improved solution to this challenging problem with enhanced performance and ease of use.

  • Automatic Testbench Synthesis. Averant continues its advanced verification leadership in Solidify 5.1 with an industry-first of automatic testbench synthesis for easier functional simulation. Given a design and an optional set of coverage targets, Solidify 5.1 can synthesize a series of testbenches reaching all branches in the design and the coverage targets. These testbenches assist functional simulation by showing how hard-to-reach branches and coverage targets can be exercised, and allow designers to run their RTL code in a simulator without the burden of writing the testbenches themselves.

  • Improved Auto Checks. Averant's industry leading auto checks are used daily by design teams to catch bugs in design descriptions, including dead code, deadlock, array boundary violation, signal contention, clock domain crossing, and reset propagation. Solidify 5.1 contains significantly improved performance and robustness. Further auto check enhancements will be delivered in future Solidify releases.

  • Improved Debugging. The debugging sub-system has been rewritten to deliver a 10X improvement in performance in some cases for easier analysis of large and complex designs.

"Optimizing a design for reduced power is now a basic necessity" commented Ramin Hojati, president of Averant. "Verifying the design has the same behavior after optimization requires the use of a property verification engine inside a sequential equivalence checker. Additionally, property verification is needed to prove environmental assumptions. With an integrated environment and the industry's leading and production-proven engines, the SEC capabilities in Solidify 5.1 enable users to develop golden RTL, and keep it functionally correct as RTL edits are made to improve power and performance".


Release 5.1 is available immediately, and includes sequential equivalency features in pre-release form.

About Averant

Averant Inc. is a privately held EDA firm specializing in formal verification of digital designs. Averant's signature product is Solidify, a robust platform for property, protocol, and automatic design checks - all without the need for simulators or test vectors. Averant's tools are easily adopted into the design flow, and help improve quality, reduce risk, and speed the design process. For more information, visit http://www.averant.com.

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